Patina with Lavender Vernis

  1. Hey Just wanted to quickly post these, cause I ADORE the color of this patina with the lavender. Look closely, and see how the piping is the same color patina too. Soooo beautiful, I know we all love the pale pale vachetta, but this makes me so happy. Bought this bag on ebay from an Independent and it was the best price and most fabulous condition, not one mark, nothing.. anyway, I'm excited, cause I've actually added enough little accessories that I can take an inside my bag shot.... enjoy!

    Best Front sullivan.jpg empty sullivan.jpg Best  threequart sullivan.jpg 2 inside sullivan.jpg inside sullivan.jpg
  2. Very nice, veronika vernis queen ;)
  3. Thanks Twink!
  4. Very nice collection you have there Veronika! :biggrin:
  5. Lovely! That has to be the most beautiful color ever!
  6. I must admit it has gorgeous even patina..Love all your vernis collection. I think it's the most beautiful line from LV. Thanks for sharing..
  7. Gorgeous pantina and bag! Congrats on the great find!
  8. tanks ya'll, just luv givin ya eye candy, even if I don't have tons..... (yet)....
  9. oh wow I love that bag!! Im a sucker for anything purple/lavender/lilac/indigo etc. It looks stunning with the patina! congrats, and thanks for sharing!!
  10. Very nice, I love all the bags with patina
  11. Gorgeous!! It's just such a great color!!! :smile:
  12. I've never seen one of those bags. It's very pretty. I'd be ogling that bag if I saw it IRL!
  13. Wow, gorgeous bag! What a unique design! Congrats on your good deal!
  14. omg that is tdf and then some
  15. That looks great.