Patina/vachetta query - can u answer??


Jun 1, 2006
Hi folks,

I've noticed on my 2 and a half year old Speedy that the leaf and the handles are quite dark orange now. But the "diamond"shaped vachetta that attaches the handle to the body of the bag is much paler. This leather seems stiffer than the leaf leather and has not turned very dark.
I have a Noe that is 9 months old and whilst the handle is turning darker the stripes of vachetta sewn to the sides of the bag are not. They seem to be the same as on the Speedy - stiffer and paler.
Do you reckon that LV use a different type of vachetta for pieces that are sewn onto to canvas? Is this stronger?
My Papillon is evenly patinaed all over as the straps seem to be the same stiffness all over the bag.
Any ideas? Who else has a different/same model bag that has noticed this?
Love to know/Noe!:tup:

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
the vachetta that gets touched more (like the handles) is bound to get darker quicker. the oils in your skin make a big difference to the speed of patina.
iv had my speedy just over a year and the handles are dark now but the zipper pull isnt because i hardly ever use it.