Patina questions

  1. Hi all

    I passed on getting the Mono Speedy for the Damier mainly because I wasn't sure about the Vachetta-Patina process. Could you guys please enlighten a newb with things to know about Patina, i.e. how long it takes to change color, what kind of care Vachetta needs, is there such a thing as a good/bad patina, etc.

    I've read that most of you love and enjoy your Mono pieces (and Azur) and I don't want to shy away from possibly purchasing one as well in the future, provided that I know what to expect beforehand.

    Thank you
    xo :shame:
  2. It all depends on how often you use your bags and how you take care of them.
  3. hi john
    i'm really anal when it comes to caring for my bags, i don't abuse them :smile: so do you think i'll have luck w/vachetta? does it need to be cleaned/conditioned every so often?
  4. ^lol... I'm that way also. If you rotate your collection it will change color slowly. I usually wipe my bag down after each usage. This actually creates a more even light honey color with a bit of a shine.
  5. heh :smile: what do you use to wipe it with?