Patina question....

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  1. Hey there, I am just curious as to how you all handle situations just bought a new LV and you take it out for the 1st time or for the 6 months for that matter until the leather starts to darken.

    How do you handle someone coming up to you and saying something like, oh I like your LV is it real?

    Or wow, nice knock-off?

    Just curious, as you all know I rec'd my LV BH yesterday and was just curious how you over come someone checking you out, basically wondering if that purse is real?

    Is it just me, or has anyone else ever felt this way before?

    Just curious...
  2. I've only gotten the "is it real?" question twice and the look I gave those two shut them right up :P
  3. I've never really gotten a is it real question. Besides I don't care if they don't think it's real. I know what I paid for it.
  4. with my poppincourt haut i used it everyday...with my speedy...she's still in the waiting for the patina to darken a little bit before i use her :smile:
  5. I have never had anyone ask me, 'is it real?'. However, if I did, I would just say, Yes, it's real. I work hard and saved to buy it.
  6. i'm with missling! i've never had the "is it real" question; but if i did, i'd say the same thing.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it too much, you can't stop people wondering...I see people checking out my bag, I just flash them a huge smile, like saying...that's right it's an awesome bag ;)
  8. I've been asked if my bags and accessories are real (usually by cashiers) and I say they are. I don't mind if they ask. No one has ever said "nice knock off" to me, but if they did I would quickly set them straight.
  9. Thanks for all your responses....

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    [​IMG] Re: Patina question....
    I have never had anyone ask me, 'is it real?'. However, if I did, I would just say, Yes, it's real. I work hard and saved to buy it.

    I like Missling's response the best! Thanks!!!!
  10. If they ask and I feel comfortable telling them, I'll say "It's real. I worked for it."
  11. ive gottne it..its annoying. i carry a copy of my reciept in the bottom of the bag or in one of the small pockets. people always wanna talk (you know what) on me anyways.
  12. It's sort of a misconception to me that just because a bag lacks patina it looks fake. The sheer quality of the real thing should tell you right off the bat whether it's fake or not. Besides, fakes always have something wrong with them that is not accurate to the original design. Maybe there are some really good fakes out there, where to an LV novice they might look authentic, but people who know their LV will be able to spot it.
    Has somebody asked you already if your bag is real? That's a rare occurrence for me, but if you choose to own and carry LV get used to the stares and speculation behind your back because LV pretty much is an object of controversy in its own right (whether it's people questioning its authenticity, its cost, what you do for a living, etc.)
    I guess i've been carrying LV for so long i'm used to it but I can imagine that if this is your first LV the attention and reaction of other people can be overwhelming.
  13. :roflmfao:

    You need to teach me how to 'perfect' that look:lol:
  14. so does the bag patina faster in a dark place in the bag or out in the open?
  15. Def out in the open, and especially under the sun