Patina Question...

  1. I'm totally in need of some Vuittonducation.

    So how long does it take for the patina to change. I know that sun and handling speed things up, but my bag is already honey colored and I DON'T want a dark brown handle EVER.

    So if I guard the leather now, and keep it in the dustbag when not in use, keep clean hands etc etc... I should be able to keep it this color for how long.

    So I suppose my summary question is...
    How long did you have your bag before significant patina changes.

    Thanks!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. That depends if you live in a warm sunny area the patina developes faster than in cold not sunny places e.g. the LVs I bought in Winter developed really slow and now I'm taking them out into the sun they darken faster. For a honey patina it's about 6 months to develope.
  3. I think it differentiate from vachetta to vachetta....alot of post have gone up about this issue...and we figure it can be anything that manipulates the changes in the coloring of the patina. the best you can do is spray a protectant and keep it in a cool dark place. and hope to *** that yours isn't the ones that goes dark brown real fast~
  4. Well I live in Canada so I only have to worry about 4 months of the year then ;)

    Thanks I'll search for other threads.. appreciated!
  5. If you use it often, it patinas very fast. My pap too almost no time to patina. Maybe two to three months tops.
  6. So will it be brown in 3 months?!

    I'm probably only going to use it a couple of times a month probably a lot slower...
    good to know!!
  7. Mine did but I abuse my bags and don't care if I have lotion on my hands, gloves, etc.
  8. I really like the look of Patina leather it is so nice looking.
  9. Thanks!! I'm an abuser too!
  10. I've had my keepall for almost three months now, and it doesn't look to have patina'd at all :sad: I think I'll have to tan it or something.