Patina Question re: colorful patterned Dooneys

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  1. In looking at patterned Dooney bags, I've noticed color "fading" or darkening in most preloved items. Especially blacks fading and whites yellowing. For instance, this bag where the patina has made the black and the colors look much less vibrant:

    I'm guessing this is something that just happens to all Dooneys? I really like the designs of some patterned pieces, but I suppose I just want verification going in that yes, the vibrancy of these items will decrease over time. On a case by case basis, that would also probably keep me from purchasing an item; I love the disney dooneys, but I don't think I'd like the patterns nearly as much once the whites yellow.
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but the bag appears to be pebble leather not canvas to me. A very well loved pebble leather, plus you don't know what kind of environment it lived in.
  3. They very well might be pebbled leather! As for environment, I've noticed this fading on many of these black bags and yellowing/darkening on white bags, so I think it's just a common thing to happen? I was hoping for maybe some firsthand experience to confirm.
  4. The ladies in the Dooney Rehab thread have a wealth of info. :smile:
  5. I've experienced yellowing on a Dooney all leather zebra stripe handbag.... the formerly white areas are no longer bright white. The bag was always stored in a white dust bag in a dark closet.... no humidity or heat issues. And the bag was never exposed to bright sunlight either. It's disappointing, but I concluded it's the nature of the 'painting or printing'.

    The dark areas of the print were mottled to reflect a more realistic animal print, even from the beginning. So I don't think the dark areas have changed... but it's possible they are more muted.

    Interestingly, I've never had yellowing on my all white Dooney pebble leather handbags. :smile:
  6. It seems to be the coated canvas bags that fade and/or yellow. Doesn't matter how you store them or how little you use them, the coating just fades or yellows with age. Someone on Redit bought a black faded D&B bag 2nd hand, then peeled off all the coating (it was already peeling in some parts). The actual canvas looked perfect!
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  7. Thank you! I'll check that thread out.

    Thank you for your response. I wonder why the pebble leather was spared!
  8. That's what I was noticing when I looked; it was the coated canvas bags that seemed to develop the yellowing or muting. For instance, I was looking at some of their Disney lines. Some beautiful prints! But definite darkening/yellowing in the older/used ones.

    Or you can see in this dark coated canvas item: it's definitely experienced color muting.
  9. You can see the coating on the canvas is coming off the corner in that last pic! D&B's coated canvas just isn't as good as other coated bags. I had a Vera Bradley coated bag - I believe it was from their frill collection in the late 90s / early 2000s - and it still looked perfect when I put it in the donate pile last year.
  10. I did notice that! I think if I were to get a coated canvas Dooney, I'd be avoiding the ones with sharper corners, since that adds to the wear.
  11. This is good to know! I have a lightly used red Scottie tote that’s suffering from the white blooms/clouding after being stored in the closet. I was going to send it back to Dooney, but it’s so cute I’d like to try to save it. I read somewhere else on the web about pulling the coating off and was going to try that but I don’t want to completely ruin it.