Patina to get there faster

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hi gals,

    I just got a mono speedy 30 and was wondering if there's a way to speed up the patina process. My last one took months...I like it more when it's a golden honey color. Thanks!
  2. You can put it in the sun. Some people have tried saddlesoap. I would just leave it alone though. It'll get there eventually.
  3. ya...leave it alone.....
  4. Tanning bed on clean white towel
  5. I say leave it alone, too. I used saddle soap on mine only because I got a BBQ stain on my mc alma vachetta bottom. I think it will look the best if you let it patina naturally in its own time.:smile:
  6. sun or leave it alone....
  7. leave it alone... it's cool to see the progress
  8. You can sun it.
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