Patina process

  1. Is there a fast way to have my handles turn into a nice tan color? i was thinking of using damp paper towel and clean it .:shame:
  2. try baby oil instead of water!
    but why would you want to rush the procces i would just let it oxidize freely over time!:idea:
  3. Put it in the sun.
  4. Baby Oil? Never heard of that!!!! :shrugs:
    I'd say sun it as well.
  5. won't you ruin it if you put baby oil?:shrugs:
  6. Nah, I doubt it. The oil would be moisturizing and it would darken the leather. I have to wonder if it would darken it too much though.
  7. I would like the handles of my bag to patina faster too, but I wonder does tanning it in the sun fade the canvas? :confused1:
  8. That was my thought, as well...
  9. You can tan it in the sun and put a towel over the canvas part or you can try using some leather conditioner. That always works!
  10. I have a leather balm by Dr. Marten shoes that has worked for first pochette had major strap problems so LV replaced it like 3 times, during this the other vachetta had darkened so I would use the balm on the new straps and you would never know, and it conditioned the leather at the same time!
  11. Just sun it.
  12. why would you want to rush it??? its its most gorgeous when it just starts to turn. i think the baby oil would make it looks gross and grubby. if you do you it make sure you do it evenly otherwise it will get too a dark dark brown.
  13. oye!
  14. No, please don't do this! Sun, and air...leave it in a window, rotate often.
  15. Yeah - I'm worried that rushing it might make the patina totally gross in the end.

    I think it should be just like wine "Give it some time - It'll only get better"