Patina on the Dior Romantique Trotter Heart Flap Bag

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  1. Can someone confirm me on this, is the leather on this bag vachetta? As I didn't know Dior uses vachetta leather as well as LV. My leather has a tan but I thought it was me losing my mind! :confused1:

  2. By the way here is the picture of my bag, but mine is a bigger version with longer straps...

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  3. Yeah it is vachetta. The SA told me because I asked why the store one was darker compared to the one I purchased.
  4. Brenda, have you put anything on your leather to protect it and is the suede on yours a little grey (I have the beige version)? I have used mine once/twice since I bought it in March and I think the chain may have made the suede turn a funny colour :sad:
  5. ^ i should think it does. i have the older beige version of the romantique and it does turn "dirty" with a slight gray cast. the dry cleaner cleaned it up pretty well for me though.

    fyi, the metal chain/hoops on the handles of the vintage flowers frame bag i have does leave a stain on the leather strip after some time if it's constantly pressing on it.
  6. Thanks for that zerodross. Its kind of disappointing since I've only used it once/twice and it turns that colour from just sitting in the box.
  7. maybe you could give it a little rub down (with baby wipes) after using it each time? i understand what you mean though, it just bugs the hell out of me knowing that it's not my fault at all that the handles are getting grey.

    try bringing it in to dior and see if they might have a solution for it?
  8. No I don't put anything on the leathers to protect it DIMPLE. It has gone very shiny though quite pretty. :heart:
    My suede was originally brown so no difference in colour now than then.
    The lock does leave a mark on the leather though but i don't really have a problem with that.
    But I have to say i have used my bag more than 10 times now but the bag still looks in great shape...! :tup: