Patina on box leather -- how long does it take?

  1. I think I am learning to live with scratches on my black box Kelly, as I try to take her out as much as I can. Ms. Kelly has been out and about a lot this month, including to the grocery store and the playground, and I am getting used to seeing scratches here and there. Since I have not had her with me very long, I have a question for those of you who have lived and loved your box bags a long time. How long (assuming average use, not totally abusive but not saved in the box for one evening a month) does it usually take before the ugly duckling turns into a swan? I'm not saying my Kelly is ugly with scratches. I love her no matter what and kind of think of them as my own wrinkles and imperfections.
  2. I have a box Birkin that I have been trying to break-in for several years. I do not carry it every day, but will carry it for a couple of weeks straight. I try not to baby it and I polish it with a dry cloth to sort of "work in" the scratches. I try to bend the leather a little while I am polishing it. It is a still a long way from the look I want. I get tired of carrying it and switch bags, so who knows how long it will take.
  3. With box, even if you use it every day it could take a few years because all those little scratches need to blend in.
  4. this is SOOO interesting. i never ever knew this.
  5. ^^^^^^Okay, you can hasten the process if they rub the scratches down in the store. But I kinda like watching the process develop..........................I also like to watch grass grow and paint dry.
  6. OMG, HG.....LOLOLOLOL!!! I'll bet you also like watching GOLF!!!!
  7. HG, you really are too much!^^

    Maybe we can ship our box bags to you and you can break them in for us and give us all a play by play as time rolls along???

  8. ^^^YES, :yes: , I like this idea, and maybe you can let us borrow one of your NICE and Broken in ones in exchange? :nuts:

    Whatcha think, HG???!!!:P
  9. oh if anyone needs to rent a kelly wearer-in-er, i might just fit the bill.:lol: :lol:
  10. ^^HH, we can walk their box Kellys/Birkins together!!!
  11. I am afraid I don't have as much patience as you do you mean taking it to the store annually? How much would this speed up the process? I'd like my Kelly to age at about the same rate as myself!
    Can I rub the scratches myself and, if so, what should I use?
  12. I keep one of those shoe polishing cloths from hotels in the box Birkin and just take it out and rub on scratches occasionally. Seeing the cloth in the bag reminds me to polish. Once a year or so, I put a little meltonian cream on the bag.
    After reading Hermesgroupie's post, I realize I am not carrying the bag enough.
  13. Only Hermes can buff out the scratches, but I've been told by the SAs that light scuffs can be buffed with the Meltonian and a soft cloth. Harder jobs, please leave to Hermes. At Hermes they can buff the bag and smooth out the scratches, this compresses the leather fibers which is how the patina develops.
  14. ok, u ladies are kinda scaring me with this scratch thing for the box leather. i mean, i knew of the delicate-ness of this type of leather and i guess there's really no way to prevent it from happening unless u don't use the bag period! i will be getting my box birkin tomorrow and even though i'm soooo excited to bust her out, i'm also afraid to death of putting scratches on her!!! i mean seriously, I WOULD DIE!!! and yes, let's not forget the DH factor too...he would sooo kill me, so i would die either way! i have a last minute trip to vegas this coming weekend and am planning on taking her with me. any suggestions on a stylish "outer" bag to place her in so she doesn't get abused thru the xray machine or on the plane??
  15. Heyyyyy....what's wrong with golf?????????:upsidedown: