Patina is my *friend*.

  1. I'm beginning to think I'm the only Vuitton owner who likes naturally darkened Vachetta on my mono canvas bags. I don't take any special care of Vachetta--I like the way it ages into a honeyed brown. I love seeing dark handles on a mono Speedy; it's a sign that the bag is used and loved and not a museum piece.

    Mind, I've no intention of ever reselling mine, either, so that may be a consideration--but the one used Vuitton I've bought had beautiful patina on the leather, which is why I chose that specific one.

    Am I totally alone, here? I'd love to hear from some of the more, er, experienced Vuitton fans especially (I'm in my mid-forties)!
  2. I am with you!!! I LOVE patina!!! Never treated any of my bags with any protectors!!!
  3. Lol, when i first read the title...I thought it said "Panda is my friend.." I was expecting a panda post :sad:
  4. No,you are not alone.I love the dark patina of well loved bags.I am also "in my forties".I tan my new bags so the patina happens faster.:yes:
  5. Hee! Sorry! I think there was a panda subject line right above this one, which I'm sure didn't help!
  6. I also like a dark patina the most, but im 19 :P the look/color combination of dark honey leather, bright yellow stitching and the brown/yellow logo canvas were the reason I'm drawed to the mono line at all
  7. I don't care for the natural vachetta color... it's almost white! The honey patina I find gorgeous... just not a blackish one (this should be more dirt than patina).

    All my bags have patina, except the mini pleaty which is too new yet and the cb pochette, which is the only bag I prefer to stay white-ish. No rule without an exception LOL
  8. I love the naturally darkened patina, it looks gorgeous next to the mono canvas. The only treatment that I have ever applied to my bags is Apple guarde, and that was to protect it from yucky water spots.
  9. I love patina and I'm in my thirties. I love the honey brown color agains the mono canvas. Now that it's warm, I sit my bags in the sun to give them a litte tan :smile:
  10. I don't really like the leather when it's BRAND new, cause it's sooo white looking. I do like it with a little patina. But then I don't like it again when it gets so much patina that it looks dirty.
  11. I love the dark patina too. Before I bought my first LV piece five years ago I had not been to a boutique and had only seen older bags with darker patinas. When my speedy arrived from eLuxury I was shocked at how light the handles were and wondered why they weren't the gorgeous honey brown colour! Lol.
  12. You're not alone.
    I'm a fan of a medium to deep honey as opposed to when it starts going more towards brown...
  13. I'm not really a fan of patina.. but I haven't been really intimate with any serious patina yet so maybe I'll change my mind ! ;)
  14. I have a mono wapity and even though there is not much vachetta on it, I still managed to get the leather trim dirty in less than a month! So, I think I am going to clean it with Mr. Clean and leave it in the sun for a bit, hoping it would "patina" faster, so it doesn't get as dirty again!

    So, you're NOT alone!
  15. I like a light patina. Not to big a fan of the really really dark patina. My preference is moving away from the "just left the factory" vachetta. I used to love it!