Patina-ed Perfo Speedy

  1. Does anybody have pics of their perfo speedy patina-ed. i really wish to purchase one of these bags, but do not know how it looks patina-ed. would love to see pics. thanks.

  2. bump ^_^
  3. bump bump.
  4. I can post a picture of my moms perfo speedy tomorrow, it has a really nice color to the handles.
  5. I can't wait to see it!
  6. thanks so much momshell!!
  7. This is mine, not that much patina, i guess. Hope that you will get any idea about it :yes:

    I try to post from many views for you ;)

    forgot to attach photoes :love:
    A619560.jpg P1060006.jpg P1060010.jpg
  8. ohh that orange is really cute!
  9. Love your bags Thai Friend!
  10. It is!!!! :yes:

  11. Thanks Nola :rolleyes:
  12. love your bags Thai friend. thats sooo many perfo speedy bags. can i have ur pink bag!!!!! i want it! hahahah anyway, im just kidding
  13. Nice bags.
  14. i love the shoes!!!!! TDF!!
  15. ahh thanks so much for the pics thai friend. all three of the perfo bags put together look so sexy. eek, i need one bad.

    I see your green speedy has a more developed patina than the other 2?
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