Patina: does anybody else hate the "orange" stage?

  1. Does anybody else dislike the "orange" stage right before it begins to turn into a browner color? My Speedy's at that stage and I'm not liking it :Push: Guess I just need to use it more so it turns color faster :idea:
  2. MEEE!!!!

    I was just thinking about this earlier!
    I LOVE a patina, and I hate white vanchetta. But that annoying light orangey stage is horrible! It makes the bag look fake! To me at least. Thank goodness it goes away fast.
  3. Not me. I like all of the stages. I think it looks good. I use condition on new leather as soon as I take the bag home and that adds a slight sheen to the leather, making all the various colors in the transition process look better.
  4. Me ! I don't really like the patina process very much at all !
  5. I LIVE for the orange stage. Not a fan of the brown too much.
  6. I like it best when it just begins to turn and it has that slightly used look. After that, I don't like it when it gets dark.
  7. Mine is getting into that apricot-orange now and I like it. I wish I could keep it just like this (and in fact I try to keep it out of the sun) but I kind of like the life-cycle of the patina process -- it kind of makes the bag seem "organic" and personal. Like the whole wabi-sabi thing. I think this strange overlay of the aging leather on a patterned monogram canvas material that always stays the same is what makes the bag work so well for both casual and more dressed up. It really is unique that way. The Damier speedy is so pretty but doesn't have that funny paradox going on of the natural vachetta with the formal monogram --- it is just a pretty bag.
  8. Agreed! I love it when it's light. I wish it would stay that way. The patina has only started on one of my bags, but still. :sad:
  9. Me! I want it to go from white to that vintage feel without all the steps in between.
  10. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one. I was complaining to my bf yesterday about it, and he thought I was nuts :sad:
  11. I love the honey patina.
  12. I do too, but mine is orangey right now... it looks like a fake :cry: No wonder so many people look at my Speedy now, they probably think it's a fake :roflmfao:
  13. I have never seen an orangey patina! :hrmm: What does it look like? Pics anyone?

    My bags have developed from the original almost white matte to light golden honey and then further to the darker glossy honey-amber colour, which I love the most.

    Could it be the climate, since I live in a very Northern cold & dry climate? It takes several years for my bags to develop a slightest patina even if I use them a lot, and I don't store them in dustbags but in a shelf closet with a door.
  14. I love all the stages!
  15. Me too!! i don't like honey stage, i love patina, but not still dark!