Patina? Dirt? Help!!

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  1. Ok so around a year ago I got a Neverful Gm but I was so paranoid about something bad happening to it because it was my first designer bag.. So I basically used it like 3 times n back in the dust bag it went... Around end of July I decided screw this I didn't spend $900 on a bag to have it sit in a dust bag so I started using it and now the vachetta is stressing me out! I don't mind a patina I actually like it but I hate what looks like dirt spots to me in some areas.... And I dunno how to get rid of them ... I Included pics of the dirt spots and than what appears to be a water mark on the leaf even though I never ever got the bag wet if it even looks like rain I carry a garbage bag in my bag... I tried to remove the watermark with an eraser n now it looks even weirder... There is also a weird looking mark by my heat stamp which by the way looks like its peeling... Please help how do I get an even looking not dirty looking patina???

    And I was thinking of getting a speedy in mono that vachetta may kill me... Lol...

    Am I being to paranoid?
    image-3162005322.jpg image-3600249949.jpg image-198652680.jpg image-663256204.jpg image-707653578.jpg image-1674879230.jpg
  2. Here r the pics of the leaf after I tried to erase that round looking water mark...
    image-326640950.jpg image-3743057398.jpg
  3. don't use an eraser anymore. try lovin my bags products. its expensive but ive heard good things. it doesn't look that bad. maybe don't get vachetta on your next purchase if it bothers you or try to pre-treat it :smile:
  4. Thanks... I will try that.... It sucks cuz I really love Mono but I think I'm to paranoid to have it.. Lol.. I hope that loving my bags can clean the dirt a little bit...
  5. You aren't suppose to rub hard with the eraser. :sad:
    Try LMB, i think it'll help, though I've never used it myself. Good luck! :hugs:
  6. This.