Patina Cleaner - Magic Eraser?

  1. Hello,

    I have a Speedy 25 with blackened handles that I just want to clean up a touch, and I've heard that a lot of you use Magic Eraser for this.

    I went onto eBay to look for these, and is this what they are? They just look like plain sponges, is there any solution built into these or is it a mechanical cleaning action?

    Also is there anything else I should know about using these to remove grime from patina? Would I need a lot of them to do a pair of Speedy handles?

    Any other products recommended?

    Thanks for your help! :tup:

  2. I'd be interested to hear this too. Its hard to know what the aussie version of anything is!
  3. They're pretty cheap to buy from the States, and surely shipping wouldn't cost much.. they're being sold by a lot of sellers in boxes of 50, 100 for around $20-$30ish.
  4. Did you buy any?
  5. ive never used magic eraser on vachetta because they will get wet and darken it (all my lvs have not really patinaed yet). i have used the magic eraser on the canvas and on the damier leather and it works wonders! as for the vachetta, i used an eraser, it worked on my speedy azur. I am a big fan of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser, I use it on everything from tennis shoes to cleaning minor stuff on the walls. Just be careful because it can be abrasive if used too much on one spot. Good luck and I wish you well on cleaning your handles.
  6. Do not use the extra strenghth--only use it in regular strength.

    And only use a DRY magic eraser, never a wet one.
  7. Thanks for that karman! what is the white/blue eraser called?
  8. That's the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That's the type that I have, at least.
  9. ^
    I think it's the same (just the different manufacturer).

    Anyway, I've no experience on you might want to ask Karman.
  10. I just used one on my azur speedy handles tonight...they were getting a little dirty. It works great. They look brand new!
  11. Ooh - good one, Bella! I'm off to my super now to see if they have them.