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  1. #1 Jun 26, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
    Hello everyone. I thought you might want to see my speedy after 5years.
  2. Thank you for the video!
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  3. your welcome :smile: cant wait to get the go pro so it is better quality :smile: subscribe to my u tube channel to see more videos in the future :smile:
  4. Hello Ladies I just bought the go pro :0 so my future videos will be amazing quality check out my utube channel :smile:
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  5. Looks lovely! Thank you for posting about your method years ago. It is the only way I "treat" my vachetta and it has worked beautifully!
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  6. Your bags look amazing!!!
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  7. You are so welcome :smile: I'm glad you trusted my method. :smile: and thank you :smile:
  8. Thank you sooooooo much :smile:
  9. You are very welcome :smile:
  10. I would like to say THANK YOU for your method.. I like it.. [emoji4]
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  11. Thank you for the video. I just purchased a new bag on Monday and was wondering if I should treat it or not. I treated all my other vachetta items with the KIWI Protect All. Hope I can be brave enough to try your method.
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  12. I just purchased my first neverfull this week and I am wondering the same. With the thin straps and vachetta at the top which is better, patina champ or Kiwi spray? Any advice for a NF would be appreciated, thanks! And your bags are lovely :heart:
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  13. If you read the Original Patina Champ post you will see that most on it are using the Patina Champ method . But in the end you have to do what makes you feel comfortable. This Method is the only way I would do it . Here is a closer look at my Artsy handle so you can see the patina.:smile: My Louis Vuitton Artsy Handle after 3 years
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  14. your welcome :smile:
  15. Thank you :smile: I love my method because it works Amazing. I do the same on my Artsy Keycharm strap and it looks perfect. Check out the video I posted on my Artsy Handle after 3 years . The video is in the comment above this one and you will see the thin strap for charm :smile: . hope this helps
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