Patina and the Spa?

  1. If you have a Box Calf bag and send it to the spa yearly, will it still develop that lovely patina we talk about so often?
  2. ^^^^^Oh, yeah!!!!
  3. u hu!
  4. Love it!
  5. Yaay! Thank you, girls!

    Um....same thing with Gulliver/Swift?
  6. Uhm, D, I wouldn't really say that Gulliver/Swift develops a patina. But it continues to maintain its sheen.
  7. Good question, D.

    I have a follow on question to yours.

    Will your store reject your request for a bag spa if they see nothing wrong with it?
  8. I walzed in with Croc Kelly once and asked them if she needed to go and they said no. But when I brought Noisette Gulliver they took her without a word.......
  9. Does Claude reccomend it be done once a year ? 'cause at my store they say every 2/3 also, obviously, depends on how often you use the bag...
  10. Oh lordy.....mine are getting a work-out, Duna. I probably need to take them all in every year at the rate I'm going!
  11. Can't wait... have been using mine almost daily and it's getting lots of little scratches. HG, I am so glad you told us about this patina thing because it's made it much easier for me to take the Kelly out all the time.
  12. What's the longest and shortest time a bag has been at the spa? Mine just went a couple of weeks ago and they said 2 months.
  13. Mine too, Sus. Took Noisette in two weeks ago and don't hope to see her until January. :sad:
  14. I dropped mine off on 10/16 in BH and was told by Manuela that it would be 4 weeks. BUT she had to have shoulder surgery so I just confirmed that my bag is in Claude's hands in New York and they have no idea when it will be done. Mine (vintage Kelly) was just going in for cleaning. So I am thrilled that the great CLAUDE is working on my bag but super bummed because who knows when I'll ever see it again.

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: