Patiently waiting.....

  1. Ok, so here I am waiting. I took the day off because I had to wait for my Yankee playoff tickets to come-that was an easy wait. Now, my husband just sprung on me that a suprise was coming for me...Now I am waiting for Fedex to come. I know its Chanel. But I have no clue which one???ARGH!!!!:nuts:
  2. Good luck with your wait - I hope it's something really lovely!
  3. How exciting! What do you think it might be?
  4. oh my god , i'm holding my breath for you! post modeling pics please!

    i hope he gets you something really really TDF!!! that'd be so fab xo :biggrin:
  5. You are soooo lucky what a sweet hubby.. Please post pics dying to know what it is!!!
  6. How exciting!
    I wish someone surprise me with a gift. :yes:

  7. Ooohhh...I hope you LOVE it!! Post pics when you get it~

    Me too! :crybaby:I would LOVE them forever if it was a pretty Chanel :heart:
  8. it came!! it is a dark green bubble quilt flap!!! will post pics later! i am in love!!
    but still no yankee playoff tickets.....
  9. ooooo bubble flap, you lucky gal!!!

    what a lovely husband, Cant wait to see the piccies, who cares about the tickets hee hee ;)
  10. OMG!!! I love the green bubble flap! Congrats you lucky girl!
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats! What a sweet husband!
  13. omg!!! it's so cute! i wanna ask, the bubble quilt is made of lambskin right?

    you've got such a sweet DH! :smile:
  14. The bubble quilt is made of lambskin and suprising fits alot. Its not the big big one, its the one size smaller and it fits alot-more than a jumbo classic. YAY. I can't tell you how excited I am over this bag-I usually flip over big bags, but this one is SPECIAL!!!! Post pics later! Still waiting for my tickets......
  15. What a sweet hubby you've got !the colour must be really special!:tup: