Patiently waiting for my Gucci Hobo

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  1. In the meantime, does anyone own one of these? I'm a little worried about the clearance on the shoulder strap. It's being sold as a shoulder bag, but the strap looks really close to the bag. doesn't give the measurement of the strap. I wanna be able to wear it even with a coat. What do you guys think?

  2. I have the same exact purse but in the brown jacquard fabric and you will have no problem sliding this over your arm and sitting comfortably on your shoulder. I wear mine w/ big coats and I don't have any problems. It's very comfortable although the only complaint that I have is that I have long hair and my hair will snag in the horsebits causing it to rip out of my scalp. But....that bag is worth the pain!:biggrin: Enjoy it, you'll love it!
  3. Oh thank you so much... do you have the medium or the large though? This one is the medium. The strap isn't adjustable right?
    The wait is 6 - 8 weeks, and I just ordered it last week, I can't wait.

    Sorry to hear about your hair, but girl you need to put it in one of those clips or something, that sounds painful. I wear my hair really short, so I'll be fine
  4. I have that one in the medium guccissima and it fits perfectly on the shoulder. I'm (impatiently) waiting for a dry day to carry it outside as its not rainproof.
  5. can you post pics of your bag? would love to see....
  6. That bag comes in a brown (leather) color that is very pretty :love: I've tried one on in the jacquard fabric, and it does fit easily over the shoulder.
  7. Yes, that one is absolutely beautiful, but it's a little out of my price range. (I'm getting the black GG fabric). If I absolutely love it then maybe I can talk my boyfriend into getting me the brown leather for my birthday or something.
  8. OK, I don't understand...please explain. I thought it was clear that I don't have it my posession just yet. I'm on the waiting list. That's why I said "patiently waiting" Maybe you meant to quote someone else???
  9. oh sorry yes, i meant icechick!
  10. I've seem women carrying these and noticed a pretty wide clearance, I'm waiting for the large tan model myself.
  11. I lent my mother the camera a couple of months ago so I'm sorry I cant show you a pic of it. It's this gorgeous deep brown color with a hint of burgundy and the lining is khaki with red and brown horsebit pattern, it's really stunning.
  12. I have the medium hobo and no, the strap is not adjustable but you won't want to adjust it as it fits perfectly, trust me. Yea, my hair is really long now. I'm surprised I don't have a bald spot!:lol:
  13. sorry when you guys say you you mean over the internet? I never had to wait for a bag in our stores in austria.......even the BIRKIN can be found on the spot sometimes......I guess austrian people dont care about designer bags TOO much

    hee hee