~*Patiently waiting.....for Ali or other!*~

  1. I figured since a few of us are patiently :angel:waiting for new bags, we could wait here!
    I don't think mine is being shipped til tomorrow...so.....I'm waiting....
    What is everyone waiting for?
  2. Im waiting (definitely not patiently) for my chocolate sig ergo hobo that should be here tomorrow!! If its not i may just have to go track it down!!! :hysteric:
  3. Waiting for the black Ali that I just won today from a tPfer so I know its gonna be :tup:!!
  4. OK, I'll play.

    1. I ordered the Script Heart Keyfob, delivered to my house today (unfortunately I'm at work so won';t get it til I get home).
    2. Got a NWT Khaki/Vlk Ali from eBay, hope she already shipped it so expect it soon (this week if I'm lucky).
    3. Tomorrow I am ordering the Lg Bleeker Leather Flap in Buck Skin and the Lg Bleeker Sig Flap in Khaki/Saddle from Macys for my mom for V-Day!
    4. Have my eye on the LOVE charm on eBay, debating on buying it!
  5. I am waiting for my XL Heritage stripe satchel in white. Can't wait!!!
  6. I totally wish I could say I was waiting on something:sad:
  7. Me too!!:shame:
  8. ooh ooh... i'm waiting for my ali in whiskey!! i bought it last night on eBay and i can't wait til it gets here... i'm ridiculously excited, lol!! :biggrin:
  9. I'm waiting for my chocolate sig legacy swingpack from JAX. I ordered it yesterday and it still shows as 'in the warehouse.' :shrugs:

    I can't wait to receive it!
  10. black signature hamptons carryall with matching wallet that i put on charge hold at one of the outlets and have to go pick it up this saturday.
  11. i'm waiting for my Ali in brown!! i'm ridiculously excited too!!:yahoo:
  12. i love the buckskin color! please post pics when you get it!
  13. i can't wait to see it! love legacy!
  14. Haha not technically a Coach, but I am waiting for my laptop sleeve to arrive (out for delivery! yay!) so I can use my Bleecker Elisa as a laptop /book bag. I got it in brown corduroy to match my walnut Elisa. :shame:
  15. aw, kimmie! :flowers: