patience is rewarded

  1. what is the longest you've waited for a bag (from the point of letting an SA know your specs to receiving it)?

    and what did you buy from H during that waiting time?

    anyone sit on their hands (and wallets) and wait it out?
  2. Must be going on 3-1/2 years now...I've since forgotten how long it's been, and am not expecting it anymore. If it comes in, I will likely pass. Plenty of other trinkets acquired in the meantime (plus a few bags!)
  3. probably deciding around Labor Day last year i wanted a rouge garance birkin...and had to wait for Feb podium to order and I am still waiting.

    but....i have bought tons of stuff in the meantime.
  4. if the originally requested bag had come in sooner, do you think you would have made the same extra purchases?

    pepper since you've changed your mind, are you grateful the bag wasn't originally available sooner?
  5. My vermillon chevre Kelly was ordered at Podium July 2005. It arrived two weeks or so ago. In the 24 months since I placed the order, I bought a lot of bags, scarves, bracelets, shoes, China, towels, blankets and the like. Of course, I never really believed the Kelly was going to come in. Unfortunately, the Kelly came in and now the Birkin has come in. OUCH!!!! But, I have now learned my lesson. No more spending!
  6. Hmmm...maybe I should place an order at the next podium if I'm going to have to wait that long. But if it comes in quickly, boy am I going to be in trouble :blush::wtf:
  7. i don't have patience enough to order and wait. i go find what i need and sometimes i am lucky to go in and find what i want. maybe it's fate!
  8. HC, I just adore your sweet kitty!
  9. 1st Birkin: Waited 1.5 to 2 years. Bought nothing in between. Almost forgot I had my name on the waitlist till it hit me. :p

    3rd Birkin: 8 months. Bought nothing in between from the Store too. I did however, pick up a Belt with the Bag when I was in the Store collecting it.
    I think I consider myself lucky, but my DH and I do call every now and then to chit chat with the SA and find out when to expect the bag.

    Then, there are also other H bags/Birkins that I waitlisted for, for more than 1.5 years and there is still no news....:confused1:
    I have also bought small H accessories like charms, and there when I travel and something catches my fancy, but in no particular store and with different SAs.
  10. i like your approach.:tup:
  11. ain't that always the way.
  12. Dear Ms. Hiheels:

    Great thread!!!

    Wanted a rouge vif since oct of last year and now still waiting..... NO SIGHT NO SOUND....
  13. Great thread, HiHeels. It's helping me put things in perspective when it comes to how long it will probably be before I receive a Birkin call - if that even happens. It will be months, I'm sure, but patience is a virtue - or so I keep telling myself :yes::shame:
  14. I am so glad it didn't come gave me time to figure out that I don't really do that well with bright-colored 35 Birkins, and that I am better suited for 35s in darker or neutral colors...
    Between H bags #1, 2 and 3, there was a good chunk of time...months to years...with very few, if any, H acquisitions in between. Recently things have picked up a little. Am much more likely to buy smaller items in between bags as I figure out what to try to find next. I blame tPF!!! :p
  15. that is interesting pepper. but you're not likely to buy bags while you wait? heaps of stuff, or little things to entertain you while you wait?

    christina for sure the length of the wait can be an eye-opener, but how that time is spent while waiting is particularly interesting to me. if people buy a ton, or just wait. and i wonder if they didn't have to wait, would they pick up their new bag, and then still buy a ton afterwards... or not. if not, then hermes would be wise to not speed up production of the bags too too much. on the other hand, by positioning themselves as more accessible (physically and psychologically), more people who absolutely cannot make a multi-thousand $ bag a priority right now can still enjoy their other items.