Patience is NOT a virtue

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  1. I got the call yesterday that my miroir lockit came in. Since I have to commute into Manhattan for work, I decided to pick it up today, either during lunch or after work. The problem?

    To quote Ms. Veruca Salt: I WANT IT NOW!!!!

    At least I have a lot of work to keep me busy between now and when my the last little bit of my patience erodes. I hope. I've got to stay off this forum because looking at all of you modelling yours is just making it worse.

    Maybe I should actually do my work instead of popping onto this site today. Ohgodohgodohgod. I want my miroir lockit.
  2. I truely honestly know how you feel not long to go
  3. Awww, just try to stay busy and you will most def. have it soon :yes: It's real tough to have to wait, wait, wait for it and all, but in a way, when you finally do get it---it makes it that much sweeter. I can't wait to see yours, I'm very excited for you :heart::heart::heart:.
  4. Awww... Look at it this way. By the end of the day when you are off work. You'll be trotting down Manhattan to pick up your gorgeous Miroir Lockit. Which hasbeen waiting patiently for her mommy to pick her up from the deep dark enclosure of the a storage area. Thus, she will be released to properly to shine for all to admire! :flowers::tup:
  5. Look at me. I can't even get stressed out like a normal person. On top of all this aggravation I've got a job offer to consider. It's not a huge raise in pay but it's guaranteed and so is the bonus. Nice to consider when we've lost two huge clients in the past 2 months.

    I'd say shoot me now but then there would be frenzy to see who gets the lockit and I want it first.

  6. Restricter, you're suffering from Miroir-itis. LOL Don't worry. It should pass once you touch your precious Lockit and all that fabulous Miroir shine will gloriously zap the stress away. Heehee! Hang in there! ;)
  7. Will my credit card bill be the deciding factor on the job offer?
  8. Congratulations for getting the call on your Miroir lockit. I understand how you feel. I've got a financial report to get out this afternoon and I'm not motivated to get started on it. My gold lockit is due to arrive tomorrow and I've switched out my work days so that I can be home tomorrow to stalk the Fed. Express delivery truck for my lockit - LOL.
  9. Oh I am so impatient! Waiting kills me! The work day is almost over now so that means Miroir Lockit will soon be yours! Congrats!

  10. LOL Sounds like it, Restricter! That bonus is a good one, too, since there may be more bags from the fall line-up that you may want, too. :graucho:

    In any case, I hope you'll be happy with your new job if you do decide to accept it. I KNOW you'll be happy once you get your Lockit!! :yes:
  11. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see it!!
  12. you can bask in the glory of your after work shopping!
  13. I hope the day goes quickly for you.:yes:

  14. lol @ mirior-itis. Too funny.
  15. the anticipation is half the fun of getting an LE.