Patience is a virtue but.......

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  1. but I'm getting uber paranoid!

    OK....I'm seeing all the Mono Pulp threads and reading about a bunch of people seeing them in their store displays, etc....but my SA hasn't called me for mine yet!!?? I'm the very 1st on the waiting list and my store is rather large and they usually get a lot of bags in all the time, including a lot of LE ones...

    I'm debating on if I should just keep waiting....or maybe start calling around and finding ones that are in stores already and available..

    I don't wanna bug my SA cause she's awesome and DOES call me for everything I ask for (and for some stuff I don't request at all & asks if I'd want them) & I don't wanna cheat on her cause I love her! lol..

    It should be coming in this week and I'd be getting it...but a piece of me is just so paranoid about it cause I don't wanna miss out on it - I worship this bag and need it!

    I'm kinda worried cause I def. want this and am listed for it but i'm nervous..

    any advice or input for my situation? :confused1: :s :sad:
  2. I know that feeling!!!! I'd give her a call. Just be frank and tell her that you're so excited and ask her if you can give you an update on the arrival date.
  3. I say bribe her

  4. My thoughts exactly!! :tup:
  5. I would say wait it out especially since your LV is a large size and will definitely get some in. Your SA sounds like she's a really good one to follow up with you. Sometimes the LV stores don't get their shipments in when they should. Just call her, though, just so she keeps your name in her head. LOL

    I was in a similar situation last summer regarding the silver Miroir Lockit. My SA at Neiman Marcus reserved one for me, but their shipment did not come in until three weeks later than all the other LV stores due to a mix-up with UPS. I was getting nervous, but luckily, my other SA at Bloomingdale's LV called me about the silver Miroir Lockit and I bought it from her. Days later, my SA at Neiman's called me to tell me my Miroir Lockit came in!! Uh-oh. :sweatdrop:I felt soooo bad because she had reserved one for me, but I was too impatient to get one. I felt like I cheated on her. LOL
  6. I know!!! Same thing too - In some instances, my other stores SA called first cause they just happened to get something in faster and i scooped it up...then the other SA would call a day later saying she got it in for me and i'm not gonna buy 2 so i don't offend someone, so i obviously turned it down and felt AWFUL. then i think ok wow...what if the SA who called a day later now thinks I W/L then say sorry already got it...and then never calls me for stuff in the future as much! arg, it's maddening and makes me even more frazzled then i already am normally which is not a good thing, trust me! :upsidedown: lol.
  7. I know....I have no patience. I'm waiting for the silver store only got one in the other day and they're waiting for their shipment with 5 more. UGH, I can't take the waiting!! I then get nervous that they'll forget about me or something.
  8. i don't think it hurts to call and ask for an update. and you can also say that you know they're busy with all the new releases so you thought you'd check in.
  9. in my experience, my sa who I know very well sold my pomme heart , so I say call and maybe ask about another peice, then bring up how excited you are for the bag you want, she wont feel stalked and she will know you expect to be called right away, be friendly and all will be good, good luck! Cant wait to see your pics
  10. just call her to ask about an update for when they are expected to arrive...from what you said, she seems to keep you well informed - don't cheat on a great s.a., cuz i know they are hard to come by!
  11. yeah guys, i'm gonna call today or even maybe stop by cause i do have a doctors appointment in a few hours close-by to the store. i'll let ya know what goes down! xoxo
  12. well, i gave her a call yesterday and all is well...she's such a doll and said they are just kinda trickling into the usa in various places and they should get mine in sometime this week into early next week. as soon as mines come, she'll run it through and it is mine to pick up as of then. i will be there sat. anyways cause i want some inclusions and my best friends want some new bags and stuff too, so i'll check on the progress again if it's not in sooner of course, hehe.

    xoxo :heart: