Pathetic tPF immitation

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  1. This was just brought to my attention. Don't tell me this site is not the poorest, most unflattering tPF fake that you've ever seen.

    Where is a "**** off" smilie when you need it?
  2. Omg, it's gray and very uncreative... and did I mention that it's GRAY??!! :wtf::censor::yucky::throwup::throwup::throwup:
  3. OMG, lol. Gross!
  4. LOL! horrible imitation~
  5. OHMY GOD! haha its too funny. theyve tried to cover every aspect! hahaha.

    you gotta laugh. well vlad you know your the best when people try to copy you.. take it as a compliment.

    haha too funny
  6. I don't find it a laughing matter, at all. Time to have a word with his sponsors, and send him a C&D.
  7. :wtf: :P :yucky:
  8. Oh very fugly fake!
  9. I hope none of the members here have join that UGLY site. ...
  10. :throwup: That's just sad, you just can't duplicate what we have here. Get 'em Vlad!
  11. Those Fu:censor:ers!!
    The site freaking sucks, its disgusting to say the least! Go get em' Vlad!:rant:
  12. :wtf: . What a sickening very cheap imitation!!! I hate it when people rip off other peoples ideas! That site blows!:throwup:
  13. That is a joke - which rock did they crawl out from?

    I don't know about anyone else but all that grey makes me feel depressed! :Push:
  14. That site is blatantly copying ours and our layout and set up. F them.... I'l have them shut down. Don't mess with us :censor:
  15. Oh my gosh! People will resort to anything! Go Get Them!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.