Pathetic, I know....

  1. :crybaby:I know it's sad that I'm about to ask a very random, vague question but I need help. I've been eyeing this black, gold-studded bag on for a few days, in the sale section, and promised myself I would remember the designer's name. Guess what? I forgot and now it's sold out and I can't find it! The one thing I remember is a few days ago someone posted asking if anyone had ever heard of this brand before and some people responded they had but since most of the purses cost $1000.00 they hadn't bought one. I know the name had "Paris" at the end but that's it and I really liked this bag. If you can remember the thread or the designer, I'd be greatly indebted. THANKS!
  2. A guess - Abaco?
  3. Yeah! That's it. You guys rock! Goodness gracious! I was looking at the wrong store. Now, if only The Purse Store will mark that down a little more.....

    Thanks a lot.
  4. Call the Purse Store, Ankorchick. I got a call from them yesterday and it sounded as though they have reduced the prices of some of their bags. Worth a check!
  5. The ones I want, notice I said the 'ones', are 40% off. I need a little more. I have some returns going to Hayden-Harnett that have to post before I can spend more than 300 a bag. I'll keep checking!
  6. ankorchick! What did you send back?
  7. A few weeks ago, I sent back the Beatrice in saddle. It just wasn't the right style for me. It was too 'equestrian.' It was lovely but I felt like I should go to a polo match with it. I'm in the process of sending my Louvre in black and carry alls in soft gold and plum. I was especially upset about having to send the Louvre back because I LOVE it! The shoulder strap is just useless for me. It's way too short and I could feel the top of the purse digging into the underside of my arm. But that thing is gorgeous. The leather felt wonderful and the detailing is great. I'm looking for a kind of dressy but not too dressy black bag. That's why I'm eyeing this: . I was, originally, looking at this: but, realized it was chocolate.