Pathetic fantasy, I know. But what would you get???

  1. I have occasionally thought...if I had $25,000 to spend at Hermes, what would I buy? I'm curious about what fellow H lovers would buy....and it can include SO!
  2. If I had that much money to spend all at once, it's going to be for something in CROC!! Birkin is my first choice, Kelly is my second.

    Not a bad fantasy, but a fantasy, none the less...
  3. Sigh.............Rouge vif croc Birkin
  4. rose i am stealing your fantasy!! I just hope we dont both have spare 25grand at the same time and go to the h store and there it is!!!
  5. anything in crocs :smile:
  6. Minnie, they had the diamond version of it at the Wall st store. I tried it on and fell in LOVE. I'll skip the diamonds...
  7. I'll go for variety. When the amount gets to $50,000, then we'll talk croc ;)

    I'd buy...

    35cm birkin, vert olive (my new neutral love!) clemence, PH
    32cm kelly, orange, togo, PH
    32cm HAC, raisin, chevre, PH
    CDC bracelet, PH with blue roi croc
    Scarves and bracelets with what money is left over :nuts:
  8. My dream bag: croc kelly
  9. Definitely a black croc gold hw....
  10. I don't ever see myself buying an exotic...but that might change with time.

    I would get a variety too:

    -another birkin

    then get all the China and scarves I want and some leather accessories , etc

    just a big old shopping spree walking out with tons of shopping bags!
  11. something Rouge.... a bolide or a small birkin....

    and LOTS of scarves... bracelets..... and some new outfits... and shoes....
  12. Hmmm, for $25K I'd buy:

    -- 25cm rouge H chamonix Birkin
    -- 25cm vert olive clemence Birkin
    -- 25cm orange swift Birkin
    -- 25cm black box Birkin

    How about that for an economical use of $25K?!!
  13. Vermillion lizard birkin with gold hardware!
  14. hmmmmmmm.....honestly, I think I'd go for a little something in Vintage Ostrich like VB's Kelly.

    If that fails I'd probably put it in an account and try to add another $10K for a matte Croc Birkin............
  15. Definately croc . . . .