patents anywhere?

  1. anyone seen any classic med,jumbo, east-west patent bags anywhere, in any color?

  2. there're a couple on eBay. but i think most if not all of the patent bags are sold out.
  3. I saw a navy patent last week at Saks North Star Mall, San Antonio.
  4. What Size?
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw a navy patent e/w yesterday at NM in white plains! :smile:
  6. oh i want the jumbo or the med., oh well, there's always next season.
  7. I thought I saw one at CHANEL San Francisco about 3 weeks ago, but Im not totally sure b/c that wasn't what I went in to check out. You can give them a call. 415.981.1550
  8. Bloomies Chestnut Hill, MA had a classic flap in white patent a couple of weeks ago, it's been there a while.
    I'm not good at sizes but it looked pretty big to me, wanna say jumbo.