PatentPink's Valentine day surprise

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  1. I never expect anything for valentines day, to me its not a holiday we really celebrate. SO imagine my surprise when my fiance brought this out.....

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  2. Sorry , still learning how to post more than 1 pic at time.

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  3. Oooh so pretty! Congrats!
  4. :party:

    Beautiful!!! What an amazing Valentine's surprise :heart:
  5. Thank you!! :smile:
  6. patent pink, they're gorgeous! You have such a sweet SO! Post modeling pics!!!!
  7. :cloud9:
  8. I love anything lace bouquet! :love: You have such a sweet fiance! :girlsigh: Congrats and enjoy them! :smile:
  9. Lace Bouquet Lady Claude's??? Absolutely beautiful!!!!! LOVE that style and LOVE that material, wish I didn't miss out on it!!
  10. Thank you ladies! Modeling pics will come soon, unfortunately I'm in bed with a nasty cold yuck!:sad:
  11. SOO Pretty ... Congrats !
  12. Congrats on a lovely pair! :smile:
  13. Congrats!! Such a gorgeous shoes. Your DF is super sweet.

    Sorry your not well. I've had possibly the same thing for nearly 2 weeks!!!! Feel better soon.
  14. They are amazing!!! wow... you have a nice fiance :flowers:
  15. Beautiful! The lace bouquet pattern is definitely one of my favorites.