Patent Zoe Question

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  1. Before I purchase a Crimson Red Patent Zoe on ebay, can you help me with a couple ?'s

    The seller said it is the large but the measurments are 13"by10"by4". Is this the medium size? Did this color come in medium?

    She said she called Coach and gave them the bags # and they said it is the Crimson Red 13"by10"by 4".

    I am looking for the Large, not medium, so I really hope that's it!
  2. I have a large Patent Crimson Zoe and it is larger than 13"

    The style number is 12776. If the bag on ebay does not have that style number is is not a large. You have to be very careful on ebay as the sellers often describe bags incorrectly. Good Luck!

  3. That's what I was afraid of. Looks like the measurments of the medium size, but I wanted to make sure. Thank you!
  4. 13x10x4 is the medium.
  5. i think the medium is 12735 in the patent so if that is the number, then it is medium and not large. large is 12776. hope this helps!
  6. Ya'll are so helpful (and quick!) Thanks, I will let them know they have a medium.