Patent? yes or no? help please!

  1. Am I crazy to get a patent jumbo? I don't see many of them on here, and now am having second thoughts on one I have on hold. I do love it, I mean it was a love at first sight kinda thing :smile: I have a patent zip around wallet and I am not gentle with it and it looks great. Or do I hold out for this color in caviar? It is beige with shw. (I have a black caviar already) I would love any input on it!! Thanks!
  2. I think if you LOVE it, go for it. You will always get those who love and those who hate, but at the end of the day, go with your gut feeling. Good luck!
  3. your getting a beige patent? personally, the lighter colors in patent me make really nervous. i almost bought a patent bag last year. after seeing some bags with color transfer, i decided againist it. knowing that the possibility of my jeans or other clothing could rub off on it and ruin it freaked me out. beige caviar bags can get ruined also, but they can be fixed, patent can't. plenty of girls here have patent bags and HAVE NO ISSUES AT ALL. your not crazy, they are beautiful bags. ever thought about lambskin? :graucho: this is just my opinion . please get whatever makes you the happiest. good luck and post pics when you get 1.
  4. Sorry, but I would be way too nervous about color transfer to get patent, especially in beige. But if you want it then go for it! :smile:
  5. Patent is actually quite popular. Last year when the gorgeous light green, royal blue came out most reveals were patent classic flaps. This year the red and navy patent has been popping up. Patent is gorgeous but like the others mentioned... You have to be careful of color transfer with the lighter patent colors. Caviar and lambskin can be fixed at chanel spa but patent cannot. If you don't mind a bit babying get it since it was love at first sight. I would just wear lighter colors or even just white tops if I got it. The other thing to check for is cracking patent leather in the straps prior to buying it to make sure it's ok.
  6. I recently bought a patent M/L and simply adore her.:smile:

    She gleams all the time even though I don't baby her.
    I just make sure she does not come into contact with anything glossy.
    But you are looking at beige..........

    All the best in your decision making. :loveeyes:
  7. Depends on the colour. I would love a red, blue or black patent... but I would not get a light colour (colour transfer cannot be fixed - and light colours can yellow in the sun!)
  8. If it were a patent bag in a darker color, I would go for it. However, since its beige that you're looking at, I'd be too worried about irreversible color transferring.

  9. Hi buni88, I have 13B beige patent mini. I love it so much! :love:The colour is beautiful more like pink beige, it goes with everything! I wore it all summer with no problems at all! It seems super durable to me, it can so easily be wiped clean,and because of the light patent colour it shows no fingerprints.:loveeyes: So just follow your heart, if you love the colour and
    hardware, then go for it!:smile:
  10. I was looking at a patent mint colored Chanel wallet earlier this year and really wanted it but then was told about the difficulties of restoring/cleaning patent items. One of the examples the SA told me was she had a client who kept her wallet in her bag and it was right next to a receipt- sadly the receipt had stuck to the wallet and all the writing of the receipt got onto the wallet :sad: And there was nothing they could do about it.

    The good think about patent is of course- it is "waterproof"- spill a drink on it you wont have to panic as much as you would with lambskin. But from what I've gathered, Chanel's caviar has just the same durability- maybe even more- than patent.

    It sounds like you already have a Chanel caviar handbag- so I if you want to get the patent- then sure, go for it. But as someone else mentioned- how about Chanel's lambskin? That is their classic and although it might not be as durable as caviar- its restorable/cleanable compared to patent.
  11. if you already have black caviar for jumbo, i say why not! but you'll have to be more delicate with the patent beige
  12. I agree with a lot of the posters here; a light-colored patent may pose some problems somewhere along the line. I have a lot of patent items from Chanel--huge lover of patent since I find it very durable and suitable for a lot of occasions.

    My lightest is kind of a jade green bag (sorry, don't follow all color names).. It's not that light but I do worry about color transfer with this. My frame of reference comes from light-colored patent bags I have from other brands which have color transfer. It's even happened from the print on a plastic bag it came in contact with!!!! From that point on, I am much more cautious but likely would not purchase a beige patent ever again.
  13. Is this new for a brand new bag?
    20160723_214528.jpg 20160723_214528.jpg 20160723_213934.jpg
  14. Those are quality problems. You should consider returning the bag.
  15. You can also waterproof lambskin bags. (Collonil) And scratches on lambskin can be buffed out with a good leather conditioner (Cadillac) or polish (Meltonian).