Patent worth the $$$ of a flap?

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  1. Hi everyone. I've been drooling over the recent revels of the Patent flaps. But I'm questioning whether it's worth to spend that amount on a bag that's Patent. I'm torn between that and the Classic Black ghw reissue? Or another alternative is to get a WOC in Patent.
    I do own a Lady Dior in Patent, but don't seem to use it much. Not sure if it's because it's Patent.
    Any suggestions is appreciated
  2. Does patent leather appeal to you? If it does, I would recommend getting one in patent as well as the Classic black GHW reissue. They are both different. One is more striking and attractive, the other one more demure and elegant. I like both personally. On the question if it is worth the $$...well, if you are thinking of a bag that will last the miles and the seasons, the classic would be more worth it. But if you are asking if the patent is worth the $$ on its long as you love it and will use it then it is worth the $$ I suppose.

    But if you are starting to build up your Chanel collection, then go the Classic first. Good luck and look forward to your reveal.
  3. I'm not fond of patent, but that's just me. It may appear low maintenance at first, but once it gets smudged, it is difficult to regain its former shine. I think there are quite a number of complaints about how the patent Chanel attracts fingerprints. I really prefer to buy lambskin or at least caviar for Chanel.

    The black reissue sounds like a good choice!
  4. I LOVVVVVVVVVVE patent. you can take it in the rain and not worry about it!
  5. Ijust bought purple plum patent and loveeee it. It's easy to maintain and durable
  6. i have a Chanel patent that has held up better than its caviar twin!
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    I'm not a fan of patent either and would not spend the same amount of money on a patent flap that I would on a classic. That is not to say that the patent flaps are not gorgy though. They are, just not for me. I have a black 226 reissue w/gh and quite a few classic flaps in lambskin and caviar and love them, no question. You have to ask yourself what you will love the most and the longest. We can give our opinions but in the end, only you can decide. Good Luck!
  8. I'm not a big fan of patent either. I sometimes feel it looks like cheap vinyl but even though I think so, I went out and bought a LV bag in patent and a gold patent Woc. I find that patent works better for small bags. If its between a black reissue or one in patent I would definitly go for the reissue. If you just thinking of adding something small to your collection a Woc in patent is great too. I don't regret my gold patent Woc at all, even thought I haven't worn it yet :smile:
  9. I agree with Mediana on this :yes: I prefer patent on smaller Chanel items rather than on a flap.
  10. I like it but would not want one for that price :smile:
  11. I love patent it looks so stunning the way it shines :love:
    but if I had a choice to spend my money on patent or lambskin I would probably go lambskin. Later on when I have more moolah to spend and my collection is bigger I will definitely go patent.

    Good luck in your decision OP :flowers:
    get what ever makes your heart flutter
  12. Not a fan of patent as it shows fingerprints... and I don't think it's worth the price, jmho. Classic Black ghw reissue is def a better one but if the patent is what u want, go for it! Anything is worth it if you truely appreciate it. GL ;)
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    I'm not a fan of patent too :smile:, I :love: Classic Black GHW Reissue and I just bought it too even though the price comes to $4K now. I know the price is ridiculous, but who can resist it? :biggrin:
    IMO, it's better to buy an expensive bag that you can use it for a long time and all seasons.
  14. Patent does not have that timeless classic look to me. If you have to choose between the two, Chanel Reissue gets my vote as you can use it all year round and definitely worth what you will pay for.
  15. If its a choice between, I would def go the reissue calfskin route. If u can do both, than patent is beautiful! especially if its black, u should be okay.

    the only thing w/ patent is it comes in and out of style. therefore sometimes u may be over it and then fall in love again. but it always comes back in :biggrin:.