Patent White Lux bowler

  1. I saw this bag IRL today since they received a shipment at the store. It's gorgeous. Everyone was gasping when they took it out of the box. Does anyone have it?
  2. which store??? i want one! lol
  3. I got the black one because the SA told me that white PL is the hardest leather to clean and shows everything.
  4. NM Las Vegas. The SA is Sanela very sweet and helpful. Here's the phone # (702) 697-7340. Good luck
  5. Love the patents! Goodluck!
  6. Nerdie and I are getting the blue one.Nerdie says the color is tdf.

  7. Yup! :yes: If it gets dirty and it's not cleaned, the dirt penetrates into the patent layer and ends up underneath it. My SA said that once this happens, the bag can't be cleaned. It's too bad because white PL is stunning.
  8. The white is quite pretty and the patent is quality. I prefer the colors, though!
  9. oooh can't wait to see yours Nerd! :biggrin:
  10. I saw the white patent bowler at the Saks trunks show back in Feb. and much prefered it in black patent. The crackled patent shows up better on the black. The blue sounds completely TDF! Looking forward to pics of that!!
  11. The white is so pretty, but very high maintenance! I actually like the blue best, followed by black. I've seen the navy blue at my NM, it's gorgeous!! :drool: If I already didn't have a blue patent piece, I'd be all over it haha. Congrats nerdphanie, can't wait to see pics of yours! :smile: