Patent vs. Matted Leather

  1. I need everyone's opinon. I have the large bowler in black in both the ursula and matted quilted leather. I don't know which one I should keep!!! Help!!!
  2. ^ I personally like the leather better..HATE patent...looks like plastic to me..But thats just my opinion..go with what YOU like most!
  3. Which one do you like more?
    I think MJ did a great job with his ursula quilted leather bags, I love them. The extra-shine gives the MJ bag a more dressed-up look (therefore more versatile as well), I personally prefer it over the matted quilted leather one (a bit dull to me).
  4. thanks for your opinions so far!!! The problem is that I don't know what I like better, I like each one for different reasons!!!
  5. i like the leather better, makes it more versatile since it's more subdued; to me that is.
  6. I love the patent and I like the leather.
  7. I prefer the patent in the bowler. The bowler style is kind of funky to me and the patent seems to take it up a notch.

    Maybe you could get a different style in the matte quilted leather (maybe a more classic style?) because the matte quilted leather is fabulous as well.
  8. I like the SMALL bowler in patent, and also like it best in the Chalk color patent, as it seems less obvious and "in your face" shiny because of the soft color. I was recently debating the exact same thing you are... large black bowler in patent or non-patent. Went with non-patent.
  9. I'm not sure if this it actually true but ...... patent leather seems like it wouldl probably not hold up as well as matte leather. I think it would get scratched and marked up more easily. I'd get the matte leather.