PATENT VS LEATHER... Which would you choose?

  1. Just want to know your thoughts about patent vs leather and if you think either one is more timeless than the other. (Translation: get you thru several future seasons / or years:rolleyes:)
  2. Leather! not a great fan of patent, feels like plastic...prefer the leather feel
  3. I love both of them but when consider to use it few I will go with the leather
  4. I prefer leather although I have a couple patent pieces.
  5. Patent actually is also leather, though! Just treated a different way. I like both, to be honest ... it really depends on the style of bag.
  6. My vote goes to leather. Patent feels too cold to me. :yes:
  7. depending on the style of the bag I guess... But first choice would be leather :smile:
  8. Patent never works for me. I definitely would choose leather
  9. Definetly leather. I think patent shoes can be quite nice, but I just cant do patent bags no matter how nice.
  10. I think a patent bag in the fall/winter season is great but you prob wouldnt be using it in summer.. on the other hand leather would take you through the seasons, but you may get bored of it! heheh.. it can be more fun to play up the winter season and go for patent.. feels more wintery and indulgent IMO. :rolleyes:

    Ive just bought my first miu miu and i swore it would be the bag to last me years and i wouldnt need another.. but as soon as i got it, i wanted to buy more bags! hehehe ;)
  11. I'd say leather .. not a fan of patent either.
  12. Leather too. Patent is a bit loud.
  13. I love both. It totally depends on the styling of the bag as to weather it will be trendy or timeless. Patent is a big trend right now, but it really is a classic material if done right. It tends to be most timeless in smaller sized bags and in more structured shapes. Black, ivory, red, and navy are the classic colours for the material. However, for me, when i say patent, it had better be patent leather. I'll have nothing to do with that vinyl rubbish.
  14. I definitely think that leather is more timeless than patent. However, this season I'm definitely into patent! :smile:
  15. I like both - patent is a bit edgier.