patent VP sizing

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  1. Hi ladies,

    sorry for asking what must have been asked many times, but I want to confirm because I've done a search and there haven't been many majority answers.. if I'm a true to size 7.5, would 7.5 in the patent VP be too small? because the 8's are sold out and it's either this or nothing =( Saks website says it runs TTS and the CL SA told me that some go down half a size, but I've read of people going up a whole size.. and would it be possible to stretch it if it ends up being too tight? thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I think that the reason you are seeing so many different sizing recommendations here is due to the width of a person's foot. If you have a narrow foot, then generally you should go up 1/2 a size in the VP, but if you have a wide foot like me, then I recommend going up 1 full size.
    I definetly thinkthat a 7.5 will be too small for you in the VP, especially if it is patent since patent doesn't stretch very much.
    Are you ordering these online/phone, if so consider buying them because you could later return them if they don't fit you well. Just a suggestion.
  3. Hi shopgirl23, I can only speak from personal experience but I had to go up half a size for the patent VP (I'm a 37 and my VP is 37.5). At half a size up they are comfortably snug. I'm not an expert on stretching but I've heard that it's the hardest of CL materials to stretch - much less give that kid, suede or pony/python for example :shrugs:. Perhaps more experienced 'stretchers' could chime in :confused1:?
  4. And, there's a saks triple point event going on and Saks NYC has a GC event going on as well, where you spend at least $400 and get a GC. If your size is not available have an SA do a search at other locations for you.
  5. Hi Kamilla850! you are so quick in replying, thank you :hugs:I'm ordering them over the phone from the boutique, but because I live in Hong Kong it's really expensive and troublesome to have it shipped both ways and declaring duties etc. However, it's the nude patent so it would be so heartbreaking if I have to pass them up =(

    Chins4: yeah I wanted to go with the 8 because I wear 8 in patent simples (although the 7.5 is snug). unfortunately all the 8's are reserved..

    LavenderIce: I'm getting them from the boutique, but thanks for letting me know about the promotion. =)
  6. Oh my god this could be terrible. I ordered my UHG Nude Patent VPs in my regular VP size of 41. Are they going to be too small? Oh the humanity!
  7. In that case, I guess it really depends on the width of your foot. I do know of some ladies here that wear their true size in VPs. Do you own other CLs, if so what sizes do you wear in them?
    I will tell you about my own experience - I am a true size 38. I do own a few pairs of VPs in a size 38 but they are extremely tight on me and I rarely wear them because of that. Most of my VPs are a size 38.5 or 39. Recently I purchased a pair of VPs in a 39.5 because just like your situation, it was the only size available. Funny that it was also for the nude patent VP. But keep in mind that I have wide feet.
    I will tell you that I believe that the nude patent VPs are actually running bigger than they usually do, so perhaps a 37 will work for you. Someone here mentioned that this is due to CL correcting the sizing on his shoes.
  8. kamilla what is your size in the simple? I am trying to understand the whole sizing thing as well :smile:
  9. I have patent VPs. I went up a half size and find that the length is fine, but they are tight in the toe box. My foot width is average. I've been trying to stretch them.
  10. Sorry I am so obtuse lately. When you say go up 1/2 size, do you mean 1/2 size more than your regular VP size because of the patent, or do you mean going up 1/2 size from regular American size regardless of material?
  11. Half size bigger than my "normal" CL size.
  12. I always find the tts thing weird. i'm a solid us 9 and i can not possibly fit in a 39. maybe a 39.5 depending on the shoe. but in everything else i'm at least a 40. i tried on the kid vps and the 40.5 was big (lengthwise it was fine but my heel kept slipping out) and the 40 was just right (a teeny bit of heel slippage but not too bad). but i just found a great deal on 40.5 patent vps so i went for it. i figured i can jimmy them up and since they're patent i could use the extra .5. i also took a .5 bigger in patent simples. they should HOPEFULLY be at my house tonight but if not tonight then tomorrow so i'll let you know for sure when i get them.
  13. In the simple pump, I usually wear a 38 or 38.5. I find the simple pump to run fairly true to size or at most 1/2 a size small.
  14. I just found that I needed 1/2 size bigger in the patent greasepaint NP compared to the NP leopard I bought. So that is why I am so confused. Would love to hear what you have to say about the patent VP. I am trying to figure this one out too!!
  15. I wear a 41.5 in my NP leopard and Miss Marple, but a 41 in declics, and VP kid. I am praying to the shoe god that the nude patent VPs are going to fit a little big this year. oh please oh please!