Patent Ursula bags/clutches owners, is this normal? (see pic)

  1. My SIL bought the chalk patent bowler, used it for about 2 weeks and the leather started fraying on the edges. And the hardware seems to leave a black mark on the leather. I think that might be due to regular dirt or dust and could be easily cleaned, but the leather splitting and fraying after 2 weeks of use is just ridiculous.

    Also, the thread was coming off on the side. Of course Saks took the bag back.

    I was inspecting my red bowler and noticed the edges of the zipper "might" be splitting as well. It's kinda hard to capture the details, but if you look closely, the edges of the leather has a lighter shade. I've never own any patent bags before so I don't know if this is normal. But given that we're paying so much for a bag, shouldn't this at least have been prevented? Now i'm so afraid of using my bowler bag, i love it too much to send it back to Saks, but at the same time, would hate if the same thing happened to mine. :rant:
  2. that's odd and totally unacceptable. Maybe your SIL just got a bad bag (let's hope so). As for me, it's too soon to tell what the issue will be with my clutch because it's only 3 days old but I plan on using it pretty much everyday so I'll let you know what happens.
  3. i'm a little worried now... :sad: When my SIL got the bag, everything looks new and doesn't even look like a display model or a bag that has been handled.

    hc: Do you spray your bag/wallet with appleguard or some protectant to protect it? The SA said patent leather is really easy to take care of, but i can't afford to let this happen to my little bowler.
  4. zoinksta I walk on the wild side and use no protective spray for any of my bags. I think it's crazy to spend a small fortune on a bag for everyday use and then have to worry about protecting it too. I'm too lazy for that :P. I gotta admit tho the LV ladies have done a great job in convincing me to buy Shining Monkey. Maybe soon...
  5. I have the Chalk Bowler (small size) and just started carrying it Friday, but I'll be on the lookout. How discouraging! I agree... FAR too much to pay for a bag and have this happen! I have a White Stella, and I can tell you that the buckles do leave a black worn mark on the straps after a while (behind the buckle), but the fraying part is just disturbing! I have a Silver Venetia and the stitching was coming undone on that in one place, which I noticed a day after buying it last year, and I took it back and they exchanged it immediately at Nordies.
  6. i noticed the black mark from the hardware on mine too. it's some residue or something.. but it always comes back

    wow.. the fraying.

    i think the red bowler looks okay, but if you have any doubts, get a new one..
  7. As much as I'm in love with the red patent bowler, I'm going to return it back to Saks. A friend of mine who also has this white patent bowler, has been using it about a week. And mind you, she protects and babys her bags like no other. Unfortunately, the bowler is starting to fray on the ends as well.

    i just can't justify spending all that money and having this happen to the bag. :cry: :sad: *heartache* It will definitely be tough to bring her back, but it's something i gotta do. *sigh*.

    On a lighter note, i scored the petrol multipocket today for $470+, so perhaps it won't hurt that much. We'll see.... :oh:
  8. Btw, the red bowler i got was brand new from the back stock. Hasn't even been out on display yet.
  9. Zoinksta, sorry to hear that your bowlers have manufacturing defects. Maybe your SA can locate another bowler for you?

    Congrats on Petrol Multipocket! Great deal!

  10. great deal on petrol. and good decision on returning the bag. I would too. Overall, patent leather just doesn't hold up well over time but falling apart after 3 weeks, that's just :rant: