Patent Tote: ebay or outlets?

  1. Hi I am new to the forum and have been wanting to get a patent coach forever! Now they aren't at the boutiques near me though.

    I'm left with 2 options and I dont know which is better. Can you help?
    I will be going to the Carlsbad Outlets in late march, would I be able to find one at that coach outlet at that time or would they likely be all gone? Or should I just buy one on eBay?

    I've never bought anything over $60 on eBay so Im a little nervous about it, but... it would let me get my purse sooner.

    I like the blue and the mahogany patent. Was there ever a purple patent though? I'm no expert on coach, but I thought I saw one in a magazine.

    Thank you so much for your advice! :smile:
  2. Try looking around on eBay. Post pics and a link in the authenticate this section and we will all try and see if its real or fake.

    You may be able to still get the bag if its at an outlet. Basically call them and ask if they will ship to you (some may but if you pay full retail price).

    Good luck...the patent tote is BEAUTIFUL!
  3. Honestly, I think more of them sold out in the stores! I would try calling the outlet first.

    There wasn't a purple but the mahogany can look black/brown/purple at times!
  4. Hi, I'm totally in love with the patent tote too!! I want it so much. There are a few on Ebay, nearly full price, and I know very little about how to tell if Coach items are authentic... I live near an outlet so I might check it out (when I get some money :shame:smile: anyway here is one: can one of you Coach experts tell me- where is the correct place for the price tag? Is it right in this picture? Thanks!! eBay: NWT COACH PATENT LEATHER MAHOGANY PURSE TOTE 10380 NEW (item 120080829896 end time Feb-04-07 19:05:00 PST)
  5. Thank you for the responses everyone!

    I'm still just wondering if I could get it in the outlet in late march? Someone posted they already got a blue gallery tote at an outlet and it cost a lot less than the ebay ones.

    So the outlets will not send me one for the outlet price? It would be the original retail price plus shipping? Is that correct? Thank you
  6. March is a month away, I doubt the outlet knows what stock it will or won't have by then. There really wouldn't be any way for them to guarantee you what they'll have on any given day. You'd just have to call them before you go in and ask them then. You can ask them to hold one for you if they do have it. They can do a hold for up to 48 hours.

    I used to work for the one you're going to. They're really great people. :smile:
  7. I haven't seen a patent at our local outlet since right after the holidays. They were snatched up pretty fast. I have seen quite a few on ebay recently.
  8. Hmmm... well I might just have to go for ebay then...

    Yeah, I will be visiting on a vacation to San Diego! I am so excited. I guess I will just have to stop in during my trip for a wristlet and accessories. By then I will probably want a smaller leather bag in black to alternate with my tote.

    I have been so dissapointed in the past by buying cheap bags. I've lusted over designer bags forever so I feel like coach is a good foray into quality bags. It will be something with good materials and design that should last me a while.
  9. Now to decide...

    Blue or Mahogany....
    Looks like blue is selling cheaper on ebay , but mahogany seems more neutral/versatile? They are both absolutely stunning!!!

    I love the white but white bags never seem to last as long.
  10. Thats what got me into Coach, I was fed up with straps breaking, zippers malfunctioning, linings tearing on the no name brands I used to carry. I really love the quality of the Coach bags.
    So welcome and happy shopping!
  11. Personally, I didn't like the white patent.

    I would have bought the mahogany if I could have found it...but I found a blue one and I get a ton of compliments on it!

    Does this help?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Well I know at the outlet I went to they were around $140.00 & on ebay I think they are still selling for $300.00ish. I would call your closest outlet first & if they don't have any I guess ebay.
  13. I haven't seen them since the fist/second week in Jan.
  14. Deweydrop your blue tote is beautiful! Could I bother you for a modeling pic just to see how it looks on someone? Thanks!!
  15. Dewey that blue is gorgeous! That is my favorite color of the 3.