Patent Tieks Break in Period

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  1. I just got my first pair of Tieks in Nude Patent. Does anyone know how long they take to break in? I've read about a week, but I don't know if that's all Tieks or just the regular leather ones.

    My unboxing video if you're interested :biggrin::

  2. I don't have Tieks but I'm interested in trying them. I have a very narrow foot. How do you like yours after a few months? Are they worth the price?
  3. I have patent, lovestruck and 2 leather matte pairs and they all fit different even though I am the same size in all of them. They all took about a week. The leather were really tight when I first got them. The patent stretched faster in my opinion and remain looser than the matte leather. The lovestruck are by far the most comfortable right out of the box, took almost no breaking in and are still the most comfortable. I just ordered the stars truck since the lovestruck are so awesome.
  4. Hi! Just a quick question, I just received my starstruck, the leather looks worn out, cracked and seems fraying, does you lovestruck look like that? The picture in the website looks shiny and colorful.
  5. It's definitely a textured glitter finish, and not a smooth patent one. This makes them less flashy IMO. Be extra careful with them because I scuffed some of the sparkle off one on the concrete :sad:
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