Patent shoes -- yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Yay or nay? If yay, which color? thanks!
  2. I love the white!!
  3. I say yay on patent shoes.
    Of those two, I say get the black- you'll wear it more.
  4. Black all the way-and, very cute! where did you find them?
  5. Those are really cute - and I like the white pair more. They look classier than the black pair, IMO.
  6. I could have sworn I saw these the other day. My mom tried them on actually. Shoot, where was it? I do think they look very cute in person, my mom wasn't a big fan of them, though.
    Edit: BTW, the black are gorgeous.
  7. Those look great! I'd go for the black...white patent tends to show scratches a little bit more. Great shoes!!
  8. i love both, but i think i prefer the black. the heel bugs me a little though, but i think it's probably because i wear stiletto heels most of the time :P
  9. You guys are going to love this -- these shoes are available through Payless shoes for $17.99! I tried them both on today but don't know what I would wear those with. And also I couldn't decide on the color either.
  10. :nuts: Payless??!!! Wowwww those are some good looking shoes for Payless!
  11. They are cute!

    Get them in both colors ... they are only $17.99 each!
  12. black!
  13. Yea for patent (I have MJ Mouse shoes and they are patent leather), and for that price, you can get both ;) ! But, if push comes to shove, then go for the black. I think it has more versatility.
  14. payless? OMG! so cute! I'm going to go get the white ones today!
  15. Yay for the white! SOOOO cute!