Patent shoes...and pony hair to protect them?

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  1. Hii...

    So with all the sales on shoes now at Barneys, etc...I find my shoe collection growing with new fabrics like ponyhair leopard print, etc...and also--for patent leather in different colors besides black.

    Is there any spray I can use to protect the patent from being stained? That I can use on my patent leather bags, shoes and accessories too???

    Also...anything to protect ponyhair shoes or satin shoes???



    Do most of you girls spray anything to protect your regular leather shoes too before you wear them out?
  2. patent is the best, and very low maintenance. just wipe it if you get something on it. for suede (and maybe pony) and leather in general, i'd go with meltonian silicon spray before you wear it out. check with your shoe repair guy to see if pony can be used as well.