Patent Sabrina vs. Regular Sabrina????

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  1. Hello everyone! I am seriously considering buying a small patent camel sabrina with the chain. I love the color, the chain, the look of the patent, and the sabrina shape. I have loved the sabrina since it came out. However, I have been reading about the pros and cons of patent and now I'm reconsidering. It sounds like it looses it's shape easily. Should I go for the patent I'm head-over-heels for, or should I hold out for a regular leather sabrina in a color I like (so far i don't like any colors out). Thank you!:smile:
  2. I went for the Op Art. Patent squeaks like rubber. Go for the leather if you really want one.

  3. I have that bag, and it doesn't squeak! :P It hasn't lost it's shape yet, and I've been carrying it for about 2 weeks. In fact, the patent seems more able to hold it's shape than the regular leather, which looks a little slouchier to me.

    Here's mine yet again:

    God I love this bag!
  4. o:huh:Ooo I adore the camel patent Sabrina! I sadly don't own one (yet:graucho:), but I do have a small brass/black Sabrina that I love. She seems to hold her shape pretty well, but then again I do tend to stuff her pretty full.
  5. Very nice! I like the chain. Wish Coach will come out with a leather Sabrina with chain. But I have to admit, your bag looks really nice. :biggrin:
  6. My regular leather Sabrinas look like big puddles of beautiful smooshy leather when I set them down. My patent leather seems to be a bit more stiff. It definitely doesn't squeak either. I'd get the patent since it's what you love, and the patent is so easy to take care of.
  7. My patent one actually is very slouchy and looses its shape easily, but I love that! I have the black patent one.
  8. I have the graphite patent sabrina and no squeaking noise yet :smile: I've had her for about 2-weeks and she holds her shape perfectly! Love the patent sabrina's!
  9. I have a patent Sabrin and I LOVE it. The leather is smushy, but it holds it's shape when I set it down, etc. If you love the patent, I would go for it.
  10. Since you love the camel color, and we all know it would get dirtier a lot faster if it were regular leather, go for the patent! It's like a dream combination!!!! :biggrin: I love the chain on the strap, as well.
  11. I have the small patent camel sabrina too and it does not squeak and doesn't seem like it'd lose its shape easily either. It's a BEAUTY of a bag and would be a breeze to clean if it got dirty. Go with the bag you are head over heels won't regret it!! :P
  12. I have the small putty and it hasn't lost shape (regular leather). Can someone tell me if the small patent is bigger than the small regular leather. There is a 1 inch difference in height of the bag on the coach website. Is this correct.
  13. I have 2 patent bags and neither one of them squeek. I also have some leather bags that do squeek, which drives me crazy, but I still love them. If you love the camel patent Sabrina then go for it. It's such a gorgeous bag!!
  14. hi there! i have the small patent camel and mine is quite stiff but it doesnt thing that put me off the sabrina when it first arrived was the small size!! took me almost a month to fall in love with it and now she is my go-to-bag-when-i-am-in-fishing-for-compliments mode lol
  15. I vote for the patent! I LOVE the patent leather. I have the Plum and the Cobalt patent Sabrina's and I love them. If I had it to do over again I would have bought the Camel, Coral, and/or Graphite Sabrinas instead of the 3 Op Art ones that I have and I LOVE the Op Art, but I really love the patent more.
    Plus the Patent is so much more low maintanence than the Op Art or the regular leather