Patent Sabrina 12957

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    I just noticed a bag I really, really like...the Patent or Regular Leather Sabrina 12957 but if I am not mistaken it's a 2009 bag. What is the best way of finding one...ebay, bonanzle or is there something you would suggest that is similar and available now. :smile:
  2. Well, u can try JAX, but your best bet unfortunately is ebay or Bonz. I say unfortunately because of some of the prices. I paid retail for my cobalt patent off ebay, because I could not find a better deal elsewhere.
  3. Thanks...thought that might be the case...

    I like your sig picture!
  4. Thanks! I put them there so I could stare at them all dang day. LOL! Good luck finding a patent...they come in lots of colors!
    Ohhhh...and there is a rumor that the MFF Sabrina will come in a light pink patent. I am staying tuned for that one! ;)
  5. Any idea if the MFF will look similar? I might just wait for that to come out...
  6. We have no idea about the mff sabrinas. No pics, yet. I'd still look around, get an idea of one you wanted...
    We'll see what happens. ;)