Patent Rockstud Ballerina Flats Vs Pebbled Leather

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  1. Greetings!

    I have been lusting over the Rockstud flats for the last 2 years but I could never find my size! Due to their increasing popularity, London stockists now have ample stock of my awkward 41/41.5 size feet but alas, I cannot decide which ones would age better. These will be the most expensive flats that I have purchased and as a student I want good value for money. I would wear them ~ 8 times a month (twice a week) (any more and I'd probably destroy them!).

    In your experience Ladies which material holds up better?


    Pebbled Leather:

    (^I would be buying the black version though)
  2. Patent leather always holds up a bit better, it's harder at first but more durable too. Aesthetics are very different and in that aspect it really is a question of preference!
  3. patent will age better but are notoriously uncomfortable. pebble probably won't age too bad.
  4. Which pair did you end up getting?
  5. I went for the patent flats and I am very happy. They look sleek and can be dressed up or down. :smile:
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  6. That's awesome! I'm glad you liked them :smile: