patent rockstud 100mm heels - do they stretch?


Dec 26, 2014
hi all
so i bought my first ever pair of rockstuds in a 36, they were a bit tight in the shoe area and the back strap that doesnt have the buckle was pretty snug and i had to pull it over the back of my foot to hold it up and my foot was right on the edge. i ordered another in a size 36.5 and the straps are looser and there is a touch more space in the toe area but i'm concerned about the straps on the 36.5 becoming too lose? how much do the straps stretch and how much does the toe box area stretch?
i'm not sure which size to keep? both are pretty uncomfortable in the toe area to be honest, just feels a tad roomier in the 36.5 and it doesnt look as tight on because my foot is not right at the edge, theres a bit of space. but im worried about the straps becoming too lose?

yes i did also post this in the valentino shoe thread, but thought i'd post it here as well in case more/different people see it!