Patent Red Ramona, Happy Birthday to meeee!

  1. Here's my Very Happy Birthday present! :woohoo:My husband said, pick what you want this year!!!! :heart: She arrived a few days ago, but I couldn't open her until today!!
    We checked the JC store near us and they didn't have it in red, but we finally found her at NM! :yahoo: Hooray!
  2. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got great taste! Happy birthday and enjoy your glam new Choo! :drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
  3. What a BEAUTIFUL bag! Congratulations, and a very happy birthday to you! :party:
  4. Happy birthday! :drinkup:
    Cheers to your new Choo!
  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! That is a great bag. You can wear it all year round. I love the deep red. :choochoo:
  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations on a truly beautiful and classic bag! You have excellent taste! :tup:
  7. Lovely!!! That red is amazing.
  8. Verrrrry pretty.
  9. So pretty, I wish I lived in a city that sold these bag. I love the pictures members post, they give a better idea of what the bags are like in person. Looks like a classic bag! Happy Birthday.
  10. That red is TDF! A big congrats and happy bday! Post modeling pics when you can!
  11. Nice choice :tup:, happy birthday!
  12. Great bag. LOVE the color!
  13. Happy Birthday! Congratulations!
  14. happy birthday :flowers:and what a present! :yes:love it!:love:
  15. Happy Birthday and may you have MANY happy years with your new Beautiful Baby:party::party::party: