Patent Ramonas again?

  1. NM has patent red and black Ramonas again, is this the real patent or the shiney version? I want a red one!!!!
  2. I LOVE JC patent bags!
    I'll have to check out the NM one :smile:
    I have a burgandy Patent that I totally love!!!
  3. These are the Slick Calf which are not quite the same as the patent :nogood:

    Here is the Slick Red Riki, the Wet Look Patent Riki & the Black Patent Ramona
    redrikistuffed.jpg blueriki2.JPG blackboots2.jpg
  4. I got an email from bob ellis in charlotte with some PL ramonas in it.
    000_5891.jpg 000_5892.jpg 000_5893.jpg
  5. The black and white ones are gorgeous, but the yellow looks a little too plastic-like for my style. They are flash for sure! :yes:
  6. There are both the slick calf and the shiny patents. The slick calf is a very polished leather, but not plastic coated like true patent. I got a red slick calf this past fall. During the resort 07 season (recent) a yellow, tan, black, and white patent Ramona showed up in the stores. This patent is different from the "Wet Look" patent robynbenz mentioned. The wet look, looks more luxurious and has some texture. The recent patent is very smooth. I'm with _bella_, this new yellow is reminiscent of a rain slicker. The wet look that robynbenz has is much more my taste.