Patent quilted large bowler or elise?

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  1. I have a midnight blue large size bowler and a putty elise on hold now. which one to get? Is the lining canvas or suede?:amazed:
  2. Midnight Bowler is quilted patent leather (100% goat leather) with cream canvas lining. Putty Elise is 100% calf leather with beautiful suede lining.

    Midnight Bowler looks very stunning in person, some members prefer the smaller size because it's pretty fat (width wise). I personally like Elise in quilted patent leather (more structured as well) only, I think it's a bit flat in putty + regular calf leather combination. If you are used to bigger bags, Elise might be a bit small.
  3. bowler!
    how tall are you?
  4. I am 5'4";)
  5. I vastly prefer the Bowler to the Elise, but the large Bowler is HUGE and I think the Bowler really only works in the small size. The Midnight Patent is more eye catching and original than the Putty, I think. I tried the Putty Elise in person, hoping that I would like it because at that time I really wanted a Putty bag. It didn't work for me; it was very boring. And too small. I will do a bag in that size if it pops and makes a statement; the Putty does not.
  6. thanks for the detail info. I am more a big bag gal, Elise maybe too small for me.Alright., I will go get the midnight blue bowler...:biggrin:
  7. You're welcome. If you are a "big bag gal" the Elise will definitely be too small. I'm a "big bag gal" too, and the Elise was not working for me (in any color). The large Bowler holds a heck of a lot more, but my main problem with it is that it is so darn fat. The small Bowler holds more than the Elise, and the lines look better, so you might want to check it out if your store has it, just for comparison purposes. The Midnight Blue patent is killer. Looking forward to hearing what happens and possibly seeing pics. Good luck.
  8. I completely agree with Angstofgumby. =)

    Would you consider the smaller Bowler (certainly not small), the big bowler is quite fat. =) LOL!!! With the stand-out color and material, the bigger bowler looks a bit much (maybe just for me though).


  9. Chloe_concord! Get the Midnight Blue Large Bowler. I have this bag and I love it. I'm a large bag girl too and I think it's amazing! Please post pics when you decide!
  10. has been sent out this morning.The good thing is the SA matched the Saks 40% off for me without me asking for cuz I even didn't know Saks has this one on sale or not.Woohoo...will post pic when I get it.
  11. Congrats; you got a steal. The Midnight Blue was not part of any of the sales, so you lucked out. Looking forward to pics.