Patent Quilted Bay - How does it wear ?

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  1. Does anybody out there own a patent quilted Bay ? I was just wondering how they wear after regular use and how the leather ages ? I'm very tempted to get one to add to my growing collection of Bays, but they're SO expensive and I've seen some other patent bags that get very wrinkly and cheap looking after heavy use. I'd be grateful to hear the thoughts of any TPF'er that has this style of Bay.
  2. ^^ I don't have one, but right now they are 50% off at the Chloe Boutiques!
  3. :sweatdrop: OMG ! 50% off ? Is that the Chloe boutiques in the US ? I'm UK based but I'm definitely going to investigate this further ! Do you know which of the boutiques are running this offer ?I'd be really grateful if you could let me know.:drool:
  4. Hi
    Check this thread
    I think you are getting into trouble... we are enabling you (with little effort on our side) :woohoo:to get your FIFTH bay... I wish I could afford just one!:push:
    Anyway, enjoy your "hunt"!:yes:
  5. Yes the Chloe Boutiques in the US.
    Here is the number of the Boutique In California ..... they had them yesterday.
    or New York
    Good Luck!
  6. Hi again
    Have you checked Sacoche's sale? I have the file with their winter offers - will send it via email if you are interested...
  7. Many thanks for the offer.I've actually seen the Sacoche winter offers which were kindly posted by another TPF'er but the email addresses for the company that someone else posted don't seem to work ( and Do you have the correct email address or any other contact details for Sacoche by any chance ? If so,I'd be really grateful if you could let me have them. Thanks again for your help with my 'quest' !;)
  8. I know,I know...this Bay obsession is getting out of hand :nuts:.I've just got a real yen for a patent one and then no more;).Actually I was already on the slippery slope before I joined TPF, so I didn't need that much enabling ! A couple of the Bays I already have were gifts, but yes, I have spent a small fortune on the other two and I really should get a grip BUT I don't think this is a style I'm going to tire of (unlike my Mulberry collection which I've pretty much sold off in its entireity on eBay) and I reckon they're an investment for my daughter (who at four years old already knows that 'Mummy has a thing about handbags'!):rolleyes:
  9. My daughter is four years old as well... and she has asked me to give her my mini-paddy when she grows up... and is always willing to carry her for me (though she complains she is too heavy for her!)...:heart:
  10. Both you gals make me want a daughter to spoil. DS doesn't count but DN does! (dear niece).

    I have a Patent Betty Tag. Let me just say this, Chloe's patents are incredible, at least the ones I've seen. Mona_danya has an Elvira patent that is unique in it's own way. I'm sure the Bay's Patent's are worthy. BTW those email addresses to the Chloe Boutique in Bahrain are correct. Call them instead, their emailing can be slow at times.
  11. :heart:Good to hear I'm not the only mum who is raising a fledgling future member of TPF !;)
  12. Hi Susie,

    Thanks for the:tup:on the Chloe Patents.Has the leather on your patent bag worn in yet ?If so, how does it look ?

    I heard back from Irene at Sacoche this morning, so I'm ready to take the plunge on my fifth :shame: Bay (even as I write that I can't quite believe what I'm doing...good job it's nearly Xmas and I have a very understanding DH...and of course, the sale prices at Sacoche are too good to pass up;))

  13. Oh yes my patent has worn like iron, no wear pattern. I'm dealing with Irene myself. Or shall I call her Miss Irene ;) (it's so cute the way she refers to her customer as Miss so and so).