patent purple mabel

  1. I'm new to Mulberry.... but, yesterday on the street I saw a passer-by carrying a patent purple Mabel bag, and I fell in love! Having done a search within this forum and searching the web in general, it seems this bag is/was a hard one to find. Is this true? Is this particular bag sold out everywhere, or is it readily available at retailers that carry Mulberry?

    Just thought I'd ask before I start a serious search....
  2. Hi there and welcome :welcome:If you don`t mind paying full price from Mulberry retailers shops then you should have no trouble at all as its a last seasons bag and I should think that the mad rush to have one has passed.

    I would start with Bond street..
  3. I have not seen the patent around for a while, but the Mulberry shops can help you.
    There are also many independent shops that will have it in stock.
  4. I personally :heart: the non-patent (goatskin?) version, which is impossible to find.
  5. Thanks for the info...

    While searching on the web I saw a purple ostrich material, but in a different style... did they come out with that in the Mabel style? I can take or leave the patent, but I really liked the color of that purple!
  6. Boston girl - was it the Bayswater???

    I'm nosy, but where are you located? You could try calling the stores.

  7. I`ve got the purple in antiqued leather and its still my favourite bag ( well for today anyway!!) its down to you really but I think that the non patent will "wear" better in the long run.
  8. I'm in California and I'm guessing this brand isn't as accessible here as in Europe? There are a few gently used bags on eBay... not purple though. Is "Midnight" a dark purple color, or dark blue?
  9. I think the midnight is a dark blue. Be wary of US eBay! There are more reputable UK sellers. Sholm22 is a good one. I'll keep an eye out for you!
    Actually, I just remembered that DCblam has a gorgeous purple glove leather Bays that is posted in the picture thread. Really beautiful bag!
  10. Thanks for the eBay warning... it's too bad that ebay seems to have turned into a dumping ground for fake products.
  11. Mine is the midnight and its dark purple but its not too dark its still very purple(if you get what I mean!!)
  12. ^^^ What an idiot I am, why did I think that was blue?? slaps self!!!
  13. ^^ Actually no you would think that midnight is a blue colour !

    Its like the Mulberry lavender colour- its red pink? I always thought lavender was purple -pink ????

    Maybe green will be the next yellow, who knows with mulberry!!
  14. the midnight is a gorgeous colour though!
  15. I really must have a Mabel now, this is silly!!