Patent Purple in any other styles?

  1. I love the patent purple...i love anything purple...but I am wondering if it comes in any other style...I'm really small and I think the bowling bag is too overpowering, although gorgeous...I'm not allowed to look on the can anyone report for me? thanks!!!
  2. I am hoping for an ergo hobo in patent purple.
  3. That would be TO DIE FOR ! I love purple and a purple patent would be too perfect !
  4. wishful thinking .. patent purple hobo or tote
  5. If you are interested, there is the Legacy French purse style - Taralindsey posted hers today. The color is beautiful!!!!!
  6. ^^ Yes, I would have to get the matching wallet too.
  7. now...when should the stores have these patents in???
  8. I think march 3rd.